As talented as you might be, you can’t be another person.

That is, you can’t look at your own work in the unbiased way another person can. It’s important to have another set of eyes to look over your writing—especially if that other set of eyes enjoys cutting clutter, simplifying sentences, and eradicating errors.

R. M. Scheller offers affordable line editing services for both fiction and nonfiction.

Services include
-Sentence and paragraph structure edits for clarity and style
-Edits to eliminate info dumping or other interruptions to flow
-Content consistency check
-Other suggestions for more powerful delivery
-Light proofread
-Services will be customized to your individual needs
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Sample Edit (up to 5000 words or 1/4 of the story, whichever comes first): Free!
Line Editing: $3 for every 1000 words

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Disclaimer: R. M. Scheller reserves the right to turn down projects for any reason, including but not limited to unavailability to complete your project within the given time frame, discomfort with the subject matter, a technical document that requires unusual and difficult formatting, etc. If your project is turned down after payment, R. M. Scheller will issue a full refund.

Note that while R. M. Scheller does not offer content/structural edits, if she believes that your project needs substantial revisions, she will advise you on this and offer to reschedule your project at no additional cost after you’ve made edits.