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R. M. Scheller

Writer. Artist. Editor.

Hi there! What brings you to my website?

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Still scrolling? Okay, let’s chat.

My name is Rachel, and I tell stories through words and visual art. My passion is to write books that feel like watching an anime or a superhero movie.

I can’t leave all the adventure to my characters, though, which leads me to do fun stuff like wilderness search and rescue, read OSHA standards, and obsess over spreadsheet pivot tables. (Fun for me, though mayhap not for thee. That’s okay, we can still be friends. ^.^)

There was also that one time that I broke into an elderly lady’s house, and it wasn’t even for writing research.

(It was within the scope of my duties as an EMT. Please don’t arrest me. On that note, being an EMT for three years gave me a front-row view of injuries and emergencies, which makes me passionate about writing character trauma with accuracy and a trauma-informed perspective.)

My stories are action-adventure genre. You know, teenage heroes, parkour, sanity-challenged first responders, fair maidens saving knights in shining armor, copious amounts of prison jumpsuits, and venomous rhino-like creatures. That sort of thing.

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