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Proofreading Details

How do I know if my writing is ready for a proofread?

Your writing is ready for a proofread when all significant content and wording changes are done and you are satisfied with how it flows. This should be your final draft, ready to publish once another set of eyes has checked for any little spelling or grammar errors.

What does the proofreading service give me?

-One read-through of your work
If R. M. Scheller deems it necessary, she may glance over your work a second time at no additional cost.

-Double-check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling
R. M. Scheller specializes in American English. She is willing to proofread with other forms of the language, but be aware that she may miss something.

-Formatting consistency
Note, however, that while this means that inconsistencies will be pointed out, this service does not include manuscript formatting.

What if it turns out that my work has a flaw in it that I hadn’t been aware of?

If your work has a few minor flaws such as awkward wording, R. M. Scheller may give you suggestions for fixing it.

If you have frequent or excessive awkward wording, R. M. Scheller will offer to reschedule your project for after you have edited it, or offer to upgrade the project to line editing (which comes at additional charge).

If your work has a major flaw, such as an obvious plot hole, R. M. Scheller will point it out and offer to reschedule your project for after you have fixed it for no additional charge.

However, you are ultimately responsible for determining if your work is ready for proofreading.

What should I do before submitting my writing to be proofread?

Before you submit your writing, please make sure you’ve used a spellchecker on it and that you’ve personally read through it yourself to check for any obvious errors.

Ideally, there won’t be more than 2–3 errors per page by the time you submit your work for proofreading. The more changes that have to be made, the more likely it is for something to slip through.

How should I submit my work for proofreading?

Google Docs is the preferred means, as you will be able to interact back and forth regarding questions and suggestions. However, files may also be accepted as .odt, .odf, .doc, and .docx.

If you have another format, contact R. M. Scheller to see if it can be accepted.

How will the feedback be provided?

Feedback will be provided as comments and suggestions on the document. The writer has full control over the final product.

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