Line Editing Details

How do I know if my project is ready for a line edit?

Your project is ready for a line edit when you have the content edits finished, such as ironing out plot points and character arcs, and your primary focus is on making it read smoothly.

For most beginning writers, this is after at least three drafts have been completed, including implementing suggestions from beta readers.

What does the line editing service give me?

-1 or 2 read-throughs
If heavy edits to scenes are needed, R. M. Scheller may read through the manuscript again, either in part or in whole. However, if only light edits are needed, this service will not be necessary.

-Stylistic edits
Edits to the sentence and paragraph structure to ensure smooth wording and ease of reading.

This does include basic proofreading, though keep in mind that it is still possible for something to get missed when heavy edits are made.

-Edits to eliminate info dumping or other interruptions to flow
This may involve anything from cutting a few sentences to restructuring scenes.

-Content consistency check
If any inconsistencies are noted, they will be pointed out. Note, however, that this will not be as comprehensive as a content edit.

-Other suggestions for more powerful delivery

-Services will be customized to your individual needs

What if it turns out that my work has a flaw that I hadn’t been aware of?

If your work has any noticeable plot holes or inconsistencies, R. M. Scheller will make a note and inform you. Sometimes, it is possible to fix these during the line editing process.

If it becomes obvious that a major rewrite will be necessary, R. M. Scheller will offer to reschedule the project for after you’ve made the changes.

However, you are ultimately responsible for determining when your work is ready for a line edit.

What should I do before submitting my work for a line edit?

Please ensure that your work has been put through a spellchecker and you have read through it for any glaring grammar mistakes.

How should I submit my work for a line edit?

Google Docs is the preferred means, as you will be able to interact back and forth regarding questions and suggestions. However, files may also be accepted as .odt, .odf, .doc, and .docx.

If you have another format, contact R. M. Scheller to see if it can be accepted.

How will the feedback be provided?

Feedback will be provided as comments and suggestions on the document. The writer has full control over the final product.

Smaller things, like punctuation or minor wording changes, will be suggestions, while large things, like restructuring a paragraph, will be in a comment.

For any common and recurring issues, or feedback on something bigger like scene structure, R. M. Scheller may choose to provide you with feedback in an email or on a separate document.

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